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2 Mar

A Detailed Look At The Westfalia Columbus 601d Motorhome

The Westfalia Columbus 601D has been regarded as the best “High Top Van Conversion” of 2016. Even critics have claimed that the 601D is the best van conversion out there on the road. Westfalia has been consistent in providing a range of motorhomes that are regarded as Europe’s finest.


The motorhome is 5.99 meters long and the base has been constructed from a fiat Ducato. The front has a lounge gives way to a kitchen, a washroom and a double bed fixed at the back. The motorhome has a sleek look with a smart and modern finish. The vehicle is fitted with the latest electronics including programmable heating. The furniture in the interior is top notch and feels stylish.

The kitchen is quite big and one can easily prepare gourmet meals with ease. There are large drawers to keep utensils like pots, dishes and cutlery. There’s plenty of room to move about and one does not feel crammed. The kitchen space is enough to convert the motorhome into a food truck if one feel like doing so! The fridge is big enough to hold everything that anyone would need for a trip. That means fewer stops and more fun on the road.

The washroom is compact, practical and with space enough to store necessary toiletries.

The rear travel seats are comfortable and when turned around, one can sit down to have a meal with two other people on the trip.

Those with a love for cycling have a lot to cheer for as there is extra space for keeping bicycles once the bed folds up.


One of the trademarks of Westfalia has been the rattling sound the vehicles make once they leave town. However, the 601D changes everything and the rattling sound is gone. The vehicle is fitted with a 120-litre fuel tank which easily provides about 800 miles between the first and the second fill-up. The 6-gear manual transmission gives justice to the 150 multijet engine and derives a power of 148 – 177 HP. It is more than enough to provide the vehicle the power it needs to cruise smoothly along the road.

Once the vehicle gets going, the smooth drive and the comfort becomes increasingly apparent. Both driver and those present in the vehicle can realise how much the vehicle has changed from its predecessors. And yet the ride-ability and comfort are still the same.


When it comes to van conversions, the Columbus 601D motorhome wins hands down. In terms of built quality, the motorhome scores high as well. The interior is spacious and contains the important parts of a motorhome like a kitchen, beds, seats and toilet. There is room to move around and cook while travelling. In terms of performance, the vehicle is excellent and buyers won’t be disappointed in what they’ll experience. Overall, the motorhome is an all-rounder and for a base price of about £2,585, the vehicle is an excellent deal for buyers looking for a sturdy and compact motorhome.