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2 Mar

A Look at the Benimar Tessoro 463

The Tessoro 463 from Benimar is the perfect motorhome that a family of four will need the next time they head out for a road trip. There’s ample room in the interior and the design can give some of the best motorhomes a run for their money. The vehicle moves like a charm and families can comfortably ride in the vehicle without a hitch.

Design and specifications

The seating arrangements in the 463 are much better than most motorhomes in the same range. The rear seat can transform into an L-shaped seat as and when needed. There is a table in the centre with a fixed pedestal whose size can be adjusted according to the need. The lounge is well lit with LED lights which are present both at the upper side and the underside of the interior. There is two sockets present adjacent to the rear seat – one 230V and one 12V. there are two USB ports over the cab passenger seat. For those that want to enjoy their favourite TV show while on the move, there is an LCD holder just inside the habitation door. The windows are of decent size and there’s a sunroof fixed on the vehicle ceiling.

The kitchen is L-shaped and has the necessary equipment for making complete meals. There is a grill/oven combination to cook barbeques. The cutlery drawer is well-placed along with other drawers that line the top part of the kitchen. There’s also a large cupboard just over the sink.

The Tessoro comes with good storage options. The base has a fresh water tank and a Truma Combi unit. The single beds at the back are fixed and there’s a nice wardrobe in the offside rear bed. There are drawers and lockers present near the bed and provides ample space for keeping stuff.

There are two single beds fixed to the wall and which can be turned into a double bed by adding an extra mattress. Even though the beds are placed at a high spot, accessing them is not difficult. The lighting around the bed is perfect and there are large reading lamps and a roof light too.

As for the bathroom, there is a shower cubicle on the left and a toilet on the right. The cubicle is made out of plastic, access is through a double door. It is fitted with a sprung handle and works perfectly well. However, a holder for keeping toiletries is missing from the bathroom and the company should have added one.

The rest of the vehicle is fitted with standard fittings like a solar panel, reverse camera, 16-inch alloy wheels, air-conditioning, a stereo system and other things which can be found in any standard motorhome.


The Tessoro 463 is undoubtedly one of the best motorhomes that money can buy. The interior is beautiful and Benimar has done an excellent job is creating a wonderful vehicle. This is one motorhome that you can definitely go for if you are in the market for one.