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5 Jul

Bailey Pegasus Modena Review


The Bailey Pegasus Modena is relatively new model launched as a part of Bailey’s 2016 portfolio. It was one of the most intriguing models of the last year, and it was named after the Italian town of Modena, which is incidentally where Ferraris are produced. A single axle model, the Pegasus Modena weights around 1275kg at maximum and stands exactly 2.61m tall. The Modena is ridiculously lightweight when compared to similar models.

Technical specifications

The length of the Modena is 6.49m and users will have access to 4.95m of internal length. The caravan’s maximum width is 2.23m and it can comfortably house four people as it has four berths. There are no fixed single bunks nor is there an island double. The Modena has an excellent end bathroom, but it does not have an end kitchen. The kitchen is located in the middle of the caravan.

Kitchen set up

The kitchen space is a little compact and you receive all the modern amenities. Worktop space is restricted to space around the sink but there is an extension flap, which is foldable, to the left of the sink. The fridge and the microwave are of good quality, and you really cannot complain about the quality of the setup. If you require more kitchen space, the Modena is not the model for you.

Lounge area

The Modena’s lounge is comparable to higher end Pegasus models apart from the restricted space on offer. This should not be a real problem as the Modena has been built for couples rather than for large families. The Modena’s settees are not of a uniform length and this is by design as Bailey needed the extra space for other components.

With that said, the lounges woodwork looks incredible and the window ensure that there is always a healthy amount of sunlight in the caravan. You also have adjustable reading lights, ceiling pin lights and 12v lighting. The interiors do look impressive as long as you do not crowd the caravan with more than 3-4 people. Every seating area in the living area possess the ‘Dream sleep’ furnishing scheme, which is a pure delight in terms of comfort.


The double bed is 1.9m long and nearly 4ft wide so it should be fine unless you are incredibly tall. The fixed bed has neat bedside shelves, overhead storage lockers, and an excellent padded head board. There is additional storage space underneath the bed, and you also have a wardrobe next to the bed. The mattress is the main seller as it filled with honey core foam and luxurious fabric. Appropriately titled ‘Dream sleep’, you can be guaranteed that you will literally sink into the mattress.


The Pegasus Modena retails at £16,999 and it is one of the shortest and lightest caravans that you can purchase that come with a fixed bed. This is not a family caravan as it more suitable for a couple or a small group of 3-4 people. The interiors are quite luxurious but both the living area and the lounge can feel a little constricted. The ‘Dream sleep’ furnishing across the cushions and beds provides you with an unmatched degree of comfort and overall, the Pegasus Modena is a solid purchase.