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27 Jun

Benimar Mileo 313 Review

Benimar is a Spanish brand whose motorhomes were highly successful in the UK market. The Mileo range is exclusively sold through Marquis Leisure. Of all the may Benimar motorhomes, the 313 is a six berth one and a straight forward proposition for the UK market. This motorhome is designed for four to six member families. […]

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25 Apr

The Elddis Accordo 120 – A Review

How to choose the best motorhome Buying a motorhome is not just an investment, it is an asset for all those who love to go cross-country or prefer to lead an unconventional lifestyle. As the name suggests, a motorhome is not just a vehicle, it is your home on wheels. The best motorhomes provide adequate […]

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18 Apr

Review Of Bailey Autograph 79-4 T

The first thing about the Bailey Autograph 79-4 T that makes an impression is the amount of work that has been done to improve it. Earlier models have had some flaw or the other, either in terms of design or in terms of performance. The new model is the result of extensive research and from […]

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9 Mar

Knaus Boxlife 600 MQ Review

The Knaus Boxlife 600 MQ won the 2016 Motorhome of the Year. The Boxlife is a practical motorhome that can be used as a base camp for activities such as mountain biking, climbing, canoeing, and parasailing. It is also a comfy hotel room on wheels. Build The Knaus Boxlife is 5.99 Fiat Ducato. The weight […]

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