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9 Jun

Swift Conqueror 480 – 2017 Edition

The market for caravans has been seeing a trend for lighter and smaller caravans, built to provide a comfortable living space, and can also easily be pulled by any mid-sized SUV. These caravans, commonly referred to as compact caravans, have created a niche in the market for those who would love to have the comfort […]

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5 Jun

A Closer Look at the Bürstner Lyseo T 744

2017 saw Bürstner launching its Lyseo T line of motorhomes. Now, if you’re wondering what the Lyseo T line is… well, it’s basically a series of low-profile motorhomes from Bürstner that fall in between the existing compact and semi-integrated lines. The Lyseo T series comes with a single drop down bed as basic (more can […]

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15 May

Chausson Welcome 611 Traveline

The Chausson Welcome 611 Travel Line is an impressive looking vehicle. Only 18 such units are being offered in the UK in 2017. These motorhomes have weights less than 3,500 kilograms. Almost all models are of low profile except two. This model is the low profile one. Special category The Chausson Welcome 611 Travel Line […]

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8 May

Lance Ford Transit Review

The Ford Transit is an oddity in the world of motorhomes equipped with automatic and semi-automatic transmission- it is the only vehicle which comes with a manual transmission. The Transit has six speeds and delivers a buttery smooth operation. Fuel efficiency is guaranteed with 2.2-litre turbo-diesel under the hood. This is also the vehicle’s most […]

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