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5 Jul

The Quadzilla Terrain 520: A top quality ATV on a Budget!

The Terrain 520 promises high specs on a tight budget, and that’s what you get! Despite the reputation of Chinese made quads the Quadzilla Terrain 520 is a great, reliable, well-built machine and a real bargain

The Specs

The Terrain 520 comes with an impressive 495cc single- cylinder, liquid cooled engine pumping out 39hp and a two range strapless CVT transmission. It has a pretty impressive towing capacity of 390kg which is handy whether you’re off-roading, working in fields or just getting from A to B. In terms of suspension the Terrain 520 has independent double A- arm front and rear which just gives you sop much more comfort and adds to a smoother ride on any surface.

The Competition

This new addition to the ATV fleet has its sights set on the market leader Honda Foreman.  Cheap prices and ever improving quality mean Qaudzilla aren’t far behind the likes of Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha and the Terrain 520 proves just that.  Some of the features it really trumps the competition on are ground clearance, durability and ergonomics.

The Ride Review

The strong 494cc engine and fuel injection give the Quadzilla instant throttle response and maximum efficiency. Pairing the punchy engine with a CVT gear box provides smooth acceleration, and, with the 40N.M of torque it makes starting from stationary effortless! One thing you notice with the Terrain 520 is how smooth the ride is over rocks, hills and river beds as well as performing well on the roads this is thanks largely to the option of 2 or 4 wheel drive and the on demand diff lock giving you a booster on slippery surfaces. Automatic CVT transmission also takes care of changing gear for you making for an easy ride and triple locking disc brakes give smooth strong stopping power.

It simply feels great to ride over any terrain whether it’s the road or on the trail thanks to great ergonomics and positioning, a big improvement on their previous Terrain model. The dual A- arm suspension only adds to this feeling of comfort making light work of any bumps and cracks in the road ahead.

Final Thoughts

All in all this is another great Chinese machine from an ATV manufacturer that is slowly creeping its way up to be shoulder to shoulder with the big boys of the quad world, threatening the prowess of the likes of the Honda Foreman. Should you buy this quad? Probably. If you’re looking to do some work on the land the durability and strong frame will come in handy as well as impressive towing power and storage rack capacity. If you’re just looking for a fun run around or something to ride on the roads you’ll benefit from the smooth fast acceleration and punchy engine giving you boat loads of power, torque and speed. Price wise it’s a middle of the road quad, £4000 is by no means the cheapest or the most expensive but for a top quality utility ATV £4000 is a great price and undoubtedly some of the best value for money on the quad market at the moment!

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