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23 Mar

Review of the Bürstner City Car C 602 Campervan

Bürstner, one of the major German motorhome manufacturers, has tasted success in the UK with its range of vehicles. The major reason for the success of their vehicles can be attributed to the company’s  well-equipped vehicle that performs superbly on the road. Moreover, the strong dealership network ensures that their vehicles reach to more and more people every year. The amazing market presence is one of the biggest reasons why Bürstner has done so well in the last few years.


The City Car C 602 is no different from the other vehicles in the same line-up in terms of performance. However, the 5.4-metre vehicle has taken the Bürstner line-up to a whole other level with the new design. The vehicle comes in three versions. Apart from the single medium wheelbase version, there are two 6m long wheelbase models and a 6.36m extra-long version.

The first thing that anyone would notice on the vehicle is the habitation area windows. They look beautiful and are expected to reduce noise and improve security.

The awning can be purchased as a separate add-on as part of a pack that also includes electric step, car blinds and heated waste water tank. These are important items and it’s probably better to purchase them. The other pack is a chassis pack and includes electric mirrors, height-adjustable passenger seat, airbags air-conditioning and cruise control.

There is plenty of space in the interior. The beds are kept at the back and the dinette can also be converted into a single bed. The cab seats, unfortunately, cannot be turned into beds, but are comfortable to sit on and has a swivelling action.

There’s good kitchen space in the vehicle and the compressor fridge is neatly placed at one end of the galley which is easily accessible from the outside and the inside as well. The kitchen area stretches across the open doorway and things are arranged in a neat fashion. A fold-up worktop is present at the top of the fridge. There is a single stainless-steel unit where two burners and a sink are present. At the other end of the galley, there are drawers where one can keep the kitchen utensils.

The wash-room is pretty decent and consists of a basin fixed at a corner, a swivel cassette toilet and a shower curtain, all within a silver tambour door.

As mentioned before, there’s enough room inside the vehicles to sit and more space can be created by folding the rear mattress.


The City Car is an amazing vehicle and comes with everything a family needs for a perfect trip. The motorhome usually comes in white but other colours like silver, graphite, and champagne are also present. The vehicle comes with a number of useful accessories and purchasing the additional packs will give even more options for buyers. Bürstner has done a good job in keeping their line-up alive with the new motorhome models. Their presence in the UK market and the popularity of City Car is sure to keep buyers interested for a long time.