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2 Mar

A Review Of The Swift Freestyle Se 664 Motorhome


Swift is undoubtedly UK’s largest manufacturer of motorhomes and caravans and the company’s SE 664 motorhome is one of the best dealer specials out there. Dealer specials are recreated versions of popular motorhomes that offer buyers more enhanced specifications in their motorhome. The vehicles are offered at modest prices and include upgraded interiors and exteriors as well.

Marquis Motorhomes are undoubtedly the best motorhome sellers in the UK. They have their presence in almost 11 sites across the UK and have been a best seller of motorhome vehicles for a long time.

They have done an excellent job in recreating the SE 664 motorhome and have sold it in the market as Swift Freestyle SE 664 Motorhome. The motorhome looks upgraded with refined specs and better rideability factor.


Marquis has fitted its own custom made designs into Swift Escape’s exterior that has a metal-graphite cab together with silver coloured radiator grille. Additionally, the cab is decorated with grey decals complimented with grey and burgundy stripes on the sidewalls.

The over cab has been moulded to join the driver’s cab with perfect precision. The rear is a flat wall with brake lights and light clusters kept at a high level. The sidewalls are fitted with black windows, white coloured hatches and locker doors. The habitation door is a single piece with a sturdy lock but no windows. The floor of the van is not too high from the ground and an electrically manoeuvred step is fitted for easy movements.

Inside, the cabinetwork remains the same from the original model but some furnishing designs have been changed. The upholstery has been changed from chocolate-colored to biscuit-colored. The interior specification is almost similar to the original model.


The motorhome is fitted with a Fiat Ducato MultiJet turbodiesel engine that gives about 130bhp for 2.3-litre. The vehicle weighs around 3500 kg. The engine provides excellent power and the performance is unmatched.

Driver’s seating position is commanding and the side mirrors are large enough to provide a good view of the rear. The wide A-pillars ensure that turns during roundabouts and junctions are smooth.

On-road, the vehicle performs well and is fuel-efficient. At times the vehicle can make loud noises but not loud enough to disrupt conversations. There’s plenty of room available for easy movements and the number of travel seats and berths are equal. Passengers can ride in comfort without any sacrifices as far as space is concerned.


The swift freestyle SE 664 is an amalgamation of tradition and style. The motorhome is affordable and powerful enough for long drives. Expect for few changes that have increased the beauty of the motorhome, the vehicle is still the same in terms of performance. The vehicle is one of the best in its segment and offers excellent specs at a low price. There are few areas where improvements can be made but it’s nothing that will reduce the fun of driving a motorhome. Overall, Marquis Motorhome has hit the sweet spot with their dealer special and the motorhome has become popular with the crowd.