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9 Jun

Swift Conqueror 480 – 2017 Edition

The market for caravans has been seeing a trend for lighter and smaller caravans, built to provide a comfortable living space, and can also easily be pulled by any mid-sized SUV. These caravans, commonly referred to as compact caravans, have created a niche in the market for those who would love to have the comfort of a motorhome, without investing in a second vehicle to go with it. The Swift Conqueror 480 2017 edition has been designed from the ground up with such a demographic in mind, easily fitting into the budget of caravan buyers while mixing up elements of conservative styling and an airy upmarket feel to the whole vehicle.


The smallest of British manufacturer Swift’s line of caravans, the 480 is no slouch when it comes to styling. The silver and grey body has a classic American motorhome feel, with large Swift-branded Scorpion alloy wheels to keep the caravan in perfect poise while towing. A single door with a single key makes up for all the exterior locks, keeping the vehicle safe from theft and vandalism. The front has a large window, almost like a wind shield, while the sides have large windows on the front to let the exterior light flood the inner chamber with ease.


For the interiors, Swift has been maintaining their restrained styling since the mid-2010s; with a glossy finish across all of the interior cabinets and cupboards, and a classic Aralie Sen wood grain finish for the furnishings create an air of luxury. There is a smattering of chrome throughout the interiors, with the door handles, cabinet handles, facets, socket surrounds and insets all chromed up to give the caravan an upmarket feel. The floor plan consists of two double-berth settees that can be expanded and a bathroom at the back. The 6 feet settees are perfect for a small gathering of people, and can also be the perfect place to take a nap or watch TV.

For the food connoisseur, the Swift Conqueror 480 has the latest Thetford Aspire 2 cook top with dual fuel hobs and a separate oven and grill. Finishing up the kitchen is the large 80-litre Domestic fridge with removable ice boxes.

The entire rear side of the caravan has been dedicated to the bathroom, and for an in-vehicle bathroom, it is simply huge! The bathroom comes with its own wardrobe with multiple drawers at the base an a separate shower cubicle fitted with the latest Eco-camel shower head, utilizing less water while having a stable and powerful delivery. To top it off, the bathroom also contains a heated towel rail – something usually seen only in upmarket and luxury caravans.

The interior lighting is one of the best in the market, with an abundance of LED lights with an impressive mix of spotlighting and downlighting, and brightness controls for the main lights. The heating and cooling is a brand-new Alde system, which also provides heated water supply. In addition, there are blinds for all the windows and even a solar panel to recharge the batteries.

Final Verdict

For a caravan, the Swift Conqueror 480 is one of the best in the market providing luxurious living quarters at extremely low prices. In addition to the well appointed interiors, the standard fare includes almost everything that one would ever need while out of their homes. The only downside is the weight, with nearly a tonne to lug; this one will make your SUV grunt a bit while pulling through slopes and inclines. All in all, the Swift Conquerer is All-Conquering!